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Instagram Likes

We live in a world where popularity is viewed as very important. People want to be well liked! So they buy instagram followers for this popularity We constantly seek the approval of others in every aspect of our lives. Whether we want our classmates to like us, our bosses to be impressed by us, or members of the opposite sex to be attracted to us, we’re all looking to impress those around us. The social media world is not exempt from this. On social media we constantly strive to impress other users with the content we post—from witty quotes to attractive pictures, it’s all for the attention. So how do we know when we’re popular? Social media isn’t like the real world, you can’t show someone approval with a simple smile or nod of the head. That’s where “likes” come in. Social media applications have a “like” features, which allows users to express appreciation for a particular post. The more likes a post has, the more popular you can assume it is. So likes are the Instagram version of a smile and a nod. Likes are easy to give to someone too! All you have to do is press the heart shaped button next to their photo.